Jane Inc. Items Available Now

Say Yes to Less Stress!

Fall is such a busy time of year for all of us. This year, we are encouraging everyone to say yes to less stress.


Say yes to long hot baths. Say yes to time for ourselves. Say yes to relaxation. Yes. Yes. Yes!



Lavender Shower Mist


Earlier this year, I received a bottle of this fabulous shower spray and knew right away that all of you would love it, too. I spray just a bit after the water is steaming hot and  inhale deeply. So relaxing.  While the bottle is just two ounces, it has lasted months and months because it’s made with 100% pure essential oils. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Say yes to more bliss and less stress.

Today, I am proud to announce that Brush Dance now carrying Jane Inc. bath and body products.

We’ve met the people from Jane Inc.- their offices are just a few short miles from the Brush Dance offices in the San Francisco Bay Area. They are wonnnnnderful friends, creating natural products right here in the US that nourish our souls.

We have (literally) truckloads of new items already at our warehouse with more scheduled to arrive over the next two months.  You can see all of our newest items right here.




Author: Brush Dance

We make inspiring calendars, planners, and bring other fun things to your life.

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